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We have talked about it before, but it always a good reminder. Everyone wants to know the secret of swimming. How long will it take for my swimmer to be able to swim? 

Here is a follow up question. Which stroke is most important to learn, freestyle, backstroke breaststroke or butterfly? Does your swimmer know how to float independently? When they need a breath do they stop swimming, doggy paddle and breath to the front? Is your swimmer afraid of the deep end? 

Depending on your answer to the previous questions, you may have to rephrase your initial questions. A better thing to ask would be what are the keys to becoming proficient in all 4 strokes? How can I help my swimmer become a confident floater so that they can overcome a fear of the water? What type of class will help my student not get too tired when swimming so that they don’t get into a dangerous situation in the pool, lake or beach. 

We teach all levels of instruction, so we’ve got you covered from 6 months – Adults. But you may have a different goal than another swimmer. If you just want to become efficient in the most common stroke Freestyle, that is a quicker path than becoming proficient in all four of the strokes. You may have a swimmer on team who would like to start winning their heat in their swim events. For this goal, you will need a lot more refining and practice. 

Regardless of the level there is a common thread that helps swimmers become ready for the summer. That is FREQUENCY and CONSISTENCY. There is a direct correlation between how often you practice and if you do so without breaks. 

Swimmers who begin their practice in the off season and practice through the fall, winter and spring are much more likely to be ready for their summer swim goals. Those who wait until the weather turns, often have a longer time frame that they are in lessons. 

It makes sense if you think about it. Anything that we practice once or twice a week for months at a time we are bound to make huge progress in. It is no different with our swimmers. We love seeing our families graduate their swim level with huge smiles on their faces. 

If you have a goal in mind and would like to have your swimmer ready for the pool by next summer, we have just the class for you! Regardless of age or skill level :). 

See you at the pool soon!