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It’s December! We can’t believe that it’s already the last month of 2019. This is a great time to reflect on the year and all that we have accomplished. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many reasons. First of all, we get to spend an extended period of time with friends and family, our Christmas playlists are on an endless loop, and our cozy fireplaces are crackling with an inviting warmth. While many families gather around the fire, our swimmers gather around in warm, indoor heated pool facilities. 
Little Fish Families are smart! They know that if they start lessons now, their chances of swimming by the summer become much higher. Alternatively, other families choose to push swim lessons back until warmer weather comes, only to find their swimmer still taking lessons through the fall! During this time we get the craziest of phone calls. Parents will frantically call, asking: “How long does it take to learn to swim?” Or “Will they know how to swim after the first couple lessons?” To these questions we always take the time to explain, “Each swimmer learns at a different pace…” or “If they don’t have a fear of the water this can contribute to their success in the pool…” but here is the reality…It takes time.
Similar to anything else you’re trying to learn (playing guitar, doing math, soccer, singing, riding a bike, etc.), swimming takes repetitive practice, time, and dedication to master. More importantly, swimming is a life skill, so it should not be optional nor rushed! 
To sum it all up, those who start now (in the winter months) will be much closer to being able to swim than those who try to “cram for the test” the month before the pools open. We keep the pool for lessons at a toasty 90 degrees so it’s a perfect environment for your swimmer to start learning. Share this article with a friend who needs lessons. They will thank you later! 
See you at the pool soon!