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Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? I don’t know where I stand exactly on the subject, but when things like this happen, it’s hard not to at least consider. Nine years ago I started working with Little Fish Swimming full time after a season where I needed to transition in work. I quickly fell in love with swimming, but not just for the sport! I had a minimal competitive experience but what really resonated with me was seeing our little fish 🐠 and their families each week. Being a part of children learning a life-saving skill for the first time, and connecting with their families each week, was more rewarding than I ever expected. You get to see kids come in not knowing anything and then graduate to new levels each week. I have seen children who were afraid to put their toes in the water, then go on to swimming laps back and forth in the deep end. That is just so cool! Because of the length of time I have been with the company, I have gotten to see a lot of graduations and a lot of different faces over the years. Last year, as we were welcoming some new staff to our Little Fish Family, one face looked all too familiar. After seeing a girl named Isabella complete her training, and digging a little deeper, I realized that I had seen this face before. It wasn’t from a previous interview or some other setting. Isabella had been one of our swimmers in the past 🤩! 

She had enjoyed her experience as a swimmer so much that she wanted to come back and offer her skills to younger swimmers as well. Over the summer Isabella did a phenomenal job 👍 with our Stroke and Fitness advanced swimmers and imparted her knowledge and experience as a competitive swimmer to them. 

As I saw her natural gifts being used to help others just like she was coached way back when I just couldn’t help but feel thankful. I was filled with gratitude for the opportunity I have had to work with so many families and filled with excitement about how far into the future this work will have an impact. If we can teach our kids to swim, they can teach theirs, and then theirs can teach theirs too! The cycle of confidence and safety in the water will be a staple in the lives of those in our region and I am thankful to be a part of it! I also am thankful for people like Isabella who have already started to do their part and pass it on 😄.


Thank you for being a part of our family! If you want to find out more about lessons or join our team you can visit us at