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Self-Care Steps for Kids
Being a parent is not the most straightforward job in the world. Many would argue it’s probably one of the hardest! 😅 There are so many little things that parents need to stay on top of to ensure our children grow up well. Merely growing up is not enough – We want our children to grow into responsible adults. Part of this is being able to hold yourself accountable. It’s important that we instill in our children the ability to understand the importance of self care. 


Table of Contents
Self-Care is Crucial
1. Taking Breaks
2. Screen Time!
3. I Like to Move It!
4. I Feel Like…
We Care


Self-Care is Crucial 💆🏽
With the school year starting, a newly busy schedule can add a lot of stress for your little fish 😨 Introducing the idea of self-care is vital to keep children feeling motivated and healthy. This is crucial to help your child mentally and physically and make them feel better and healthier! Here are four self-care steps they can start today:

1. Taking Breaks 🚶🏻‍♀️
Edutopia notes that there are a lot of benefits for kids who take regular breaks. Taking breaks reduces stress, increases productivity, helps their brains work harder and helps develop social skills. Which parent would not want all those benefits for their child? Encourage your child to take a break and suggest activities like going for a walk, reading a fun book, playing with toys, etc. Break time is a vital part of self-care.

2. Screen Time! 📺
Too much screen time is never a good thing. The Mayo Clinic has linked too much screen time with a higher risk for obesity, irregular sleep, behavioral problems, and impaired academic performance. Consider a digital detox for your little fish! Instead, help them find other hobbies that get them moving (we had some great ideas on step 1!) Setting these healthy boundaries early on can help your child to build a healthy relationship with things like their electronics, and eventually be able to set their own limits! 

3. I Like to Move It! 👯‍♀️
The American Council of Exercise lists ten reasons children need to be active. The benefits range from building good habits to many good health habits. The point is that children need to move a lot! 🕺🏼 Children who exercise tend to be in better moods, do better in school, and feel better all around. This is what we believe at Little Fish Swimming. Swimming is a fun & healthy activity that gets your child moving! It is a great stress reliever and allows them to unwind and blow off some steam in the pool.

4. I Feel Like… 🙇🏼‍♀️
Kids Helpline has some great tips on helping children develop emotional skills. Some excellent tips include naming, identifying, and understanding feelings and emotions. Many adults have heard the phrase, “Just deal with it and move on.” This is an old way of thinking from a time when most people did not talk about their feelings. We owe it to our children to help them know and understand their feelings and emotions. Part of self-care for our little fish is being able to understand what is going on inside of them!

We Care 🧡
You’ve found us out! At Little Fish Swimming, we do care about your children. We want the best for them and to help you in that journey. This is just part of that whole process. As always, we are here for you and your kids. Little Fish Swimming wants your children to understand self-care and how it can benefit them moving forward. What are some other self-care tips that you & your family stick to? Let us know!