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It is easy to think that swimming is only for warm weather. True, swimming in the hot summer months is incredible. However, did you know that you can swim all year long? It’s true, and we’ve done it! Not only can you swim year-round, but you can have a lot of fun doing it. And did I mention that there are some super reasons why you should be swimming year-round? These are our “5 Great Reasons to Swim Year-Round.”

1. Teaches Safety and Awareness
Learning to swim 🏊‍♀️ brings many benefits to a person’s life. Anyone who has ever spent time in the water knows that the water needs to be respected. And that’s where swimming lessons come in! It teaches you safety and awareness at all times. As you swim year-round, you will
hone your abilities in the water, and in turn, become more observant. This will flow over into your everyday life and benefit you there also!

2. A Total Body Workout
We all recognize how important it is to stay healthy. Today, anyone can go and get fast food for a dollar on almost every block. It takes a focused intention to eat healthily and to be healthy. Physical activity 💪 is a big help when it comes to being healthy. On top of that, swimming is right up there with being a fantastic workout. You work your entire body when you swim. Swimming year-round is exercising year-round!

3. Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Swimming is so good for a person. It improves the way you look, feel, and think about yourself. Swimming is also a way of calming yourself down and relaxing your mind. As we swim and exercise, our endorphins rush through our bodies. This makes us feel good and happy, driving us forward to swim more. As you swim year-round, you will begin to experience an overall sense of happiness 😊.

4. Improved Sleep and Energy
We do not know about you, but we love sleeping. It refreshes our minds and our bodies. It is even better to sleep 💤 knowing that you really pushed your body that day. You find yourself having more energy the next day. Swimming year-round will help you to push your body. Swimming is both mental and physical. This will drain you, which will improve your sleep and lead to more energy.

5. Strengthens Academics
We cannot stress enough how year-round swimming will improve overall health. When our physical health improves, our mental health is right there with it. All four steps already mentioned work together to strengthen our whole body. Naturally, this will affect our mental 🧠 and academic health. We will see just as many benefits there as elsewhere.
Swimming year-round is good for you, period. It benefits you in so many ways, as we mentioned above. What are some other reasons you think swimming year-round is a good idea? Our doors are always open. Come in, and let’s continue this journey together!