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Summer ☀️ is here, and that means that everyone wants to go swimming! Honestly, can there be a better summer activity? Children and adults alike love being able to play and relax in the pool. There is something for everyone at the pool. Fortunately, Fredericksburg understood the assignment 😄 There are many pools in and around our lovely town. Below we’ve listed 5 Outdoor Pools where you can be a member this summer.

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Reasons For Loving the Pool


1. Chancellor Swim Club

2. Spotswood Swim Club

3. Ferry Farm Community Pool

4. College Heights Pool

5. Little Fish Swimming


The Pools are Waiting for You!


Reasons For Loving the Pool


We all go to the pool for different reasons. Some of us just want to have fun and swim and be free. Others like relaxing on the pool deck chairs and catching some rays. And still, who can overlook that book 📕 reading time that comes with a pool? As we said, the pool is a magical place, and we love it. Take a look at these 5 outdoor pools in Fredericksburg, where you can be a member this summer.

  1. Chancellor Swim Club

 Chancellor Swim Club is your one-stop-shop for everything pool related. Membership is required to swim here. During the summer, they are open until 9 PM every day. They have a swim 🏊 club you can join with a yearly membership. Also, you can have pool parties here! How awesome is that? Check out what else makes Chancellor Swim Club awesome on their website.


  2. Spotswood Swim Club

Spotswood Swim Club is a member-owned pool that has family at the forefront. They have the only high dive in the Fredericksburg area! There is a large pool deck with picnic tables, and the clubhouse has bathrooms, concessions, and vending machines. Pool hours differ for each day of the week. Applying for membership is easy and a no-hassle process. Spotswood Swim Club is an excellent addition to any summer!


  3. Ferry Farm Community Pool

 If you prefer a smaller pool, look no further than Ferry Farm Community Pool. They are a non-profit whose goal is to provide families with a fun and safe environment. Their memberships include the usual amenities, and their hours are from Noon to 9 PM every day. A big plus is that their membership prices are affordable compared to other options. Visit Ferry Farm Community Pool for a great summer 😎!


4. College Heights Pool

 If you are looking for the coolest pool in Fredericksburg, look no further than College Heights Pool. They offer family and individual memberships and are open daily from 11 AM to 8 PM. A big bonus is that Alum Springs Park is a 5-minute walk away. Along with a great pool, you also have access to a great park with trails and a children’s 👦👧 play area. What’s not to love about College Heights Pool?


5. Little Fish Swimming

 We would be remised if we did not mention Little Fish Swimming 😄. We’re not an outdoor pool you can be a part of, but we deserve to be in the mix because we teach the lifesaving skill of swimming. We help our swimmers excel in the water, but don’t take our word for it! Look at these testimonials, and you will see why we are a great choice. We specialize in swimming lessons and provide quality and reliable instructions regardless of your level. Learn more about Little Fish Swimming here.

 The Pools are Waiting for You!

 With so many great pool options in the Fredericksburg area, we hope that you will be able to find at least one to enjoy. We want you to have the best summer you can. At Little Fish 🐠 Swimming, we believe in you and are here for you.