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Swimming is awesome! We love it, and we know you love it. Summer is right around the corner, and we already have a lot of families who have joined us for year-round lessons and our summer swim camp. Besides being a ton of fun, we know that learning to swim 🏊 with confidence and skill opens up a whole new world of fun and opportunities.
Here are five amazing things that you could not enjoy as well without having swim lessons under your belt.

1. Swimming with Dolphins.
Swimming with dolphins is a magical experience that has made many a swimmer come alive. Dolphins🐬 are seen as majestical creatures which deserve our respect and admiration. They are lively, playful, and wondrous. To swim with dolphins involves a guide and strict rules. Both the dolphins and the swimmer must be safe and protected. The dolphins are fantastic swimmers and are very good at taking care of themselves. Not being able to swim will diminish your experiences with dolphins. You must be competent and confident in the water. Having swim lessons under your belt will enable you to swim with dolphins safely and enjoyably.

2. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a form of underwater diving where you wear a wetsuit and have a special breathing apparatus. As you can tell, scuba diving requires skill, training, and complete competence in the water. Swimming lessons provide you with all the tools and knowledge needed to be ready for Scuba diving, aside from specific Scuba training. Regardless, you must know how to swim and swim well, to be able to go Scuba diving. And we highly recommend you go Scuba diving at least once!

3. Diving Board Tricks

You walk up, take a breath, start that slow jump, and the next thing you know, you are soaring high into the air. Jumping off the diving board is so much fun. You feel free and a rush of excitement all at the same time. The more you do it, the more adventurous you become. Before you know it, you are doing all sorts of tricks on the diving board. The dive and the deep- water can overwhelm anyone. That is why learning how to swim and feeling competent in the water is a must to enjoy the diving board.

4. Boating/Tubing

Perhaps you are fortunate enough to have had the thrill of going boating 🚤 and tubing. It is so much fun. The wind in your hair and the water splashing everywhere is like nothing else. However, along with the fun comes a significant element of risk. It can be easy to become disoriented in the water should there be an accident. Knowing how to swim and navigate the water in such situations is vital. Understanding what needs to happen is critical. Swim lessons will prepare you and help you be mentally and physically ready for any water situation.

5. Wakeboarding/Water Skiing
Doing aerial tricks as you are wakeboarding or skiing is an exhilarating experience. You can feel the power of the boat as it pulls you along over the water at tremendous speeds. This requires skill and concentration. One wrong move, and you come crashing down in the water ⚓️. Imagine being in that situation and not knowing how to navigate the water properly. We do not want to imagine it. Having swim lessons will enable you to be safe. It will empower you to know what to do should you ever be in such a situation.
We do not need to fear the water, but we must respect it. When we do that, we can have a lot of fun. These five activities will provide you with hours and hours of fun! As we head into the summer, we are excited to see what type of fun our little fish families get into. Let us know which of these five things is on your list or if you’d add more!