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As we swim into the Fall 🍁, we are proud of our swimmers, who are making progress toward their
swim goals. Parents often ask, “How long will it take for my swimmer to learn how to swim?”
and to that, we like to reply, “How often are you available?” It may sound silly, but it really does
come down to how frequently and consistently you practice.

No doubt you’ve heard the adage, “Practice makes perfect?” Well, we like to think that
“practice makes better.” Perfection is a difficult bar to reach in life. On top of that, how will you
know if you’ve achieved it? Better, on the other hand, is much easier to reach. Every day we
can become better at what we are practicing and applying our disciplines to. The slightest
forward movement is still considered “better.”

This is an attitude that we wish to instill in all our swimmers. We are not asking them to
become Olympic swimmers 🏊‍♀️ overnight or even in five years. However, we do ask that everyone
is leaning forward. We all apply the same standards in whatever goals we are reaching
pursuing. If your goal is to become a faster swimmer, then there are certain things you need to
do. In the same way, if you are working hard in school to master everything about a computer 💻,
you will have to put in a certain amount of consistency and frequency in your work.

Doing so will result in mastery of your subject now, as well as future benefits in your career.
The key is being consistent and purposeful. So much of your success depends upon how you
approach the tasks in front of you. No one starts great at something. We all have to begin at the beginning. From there, some choose to be consistent in getting better, while others slack off and hope for good results on minimal effort.

We want you to have great big goals for your swimming. We love big dreams ✨. And how great is it to know that goals can be different for different people? Maybe your goal is learning how to swim? Or perhaps you want to shave some time off of your events. Whatever the goal, know that we are here for you, and we will help you. But, we can only do so much. You have to choose to be consistent. You need to up your frequency for practice.

If you do that, then you will get better. We guarantee it. We also guarantee that this method
will encourage you to dream of even bigger goals as you move along. This is a lifestyle that
promotes success and shows you that hard work does pay off. So take some time to sit down
and write down some goals. Make them just a little bit bigger than you first thought, and go for
it! We are here for you and know that you can do it!