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If you have been following Little Fish Swimming lessons for a while, you know that we always encourage our swim families to swim throughout the year consistently. The idea  here is simple. 💡Consistency and frequency yield results in any sport or activity. 

One of the times of the year that swimmers most frequently take a break is during the winter. There can be multiple reasons to put a pause on reaching your swim goals and we understand the need for balance, but we want to make sure we debunk some of these popular myths about swim lessons in the winter! 

Swim Myth 1: Going outside with wet hair can cause a cold 

Swim Facts: Wet hair, icy temps, and exposed heads don’t cause colds. Only viruses do that😉

Swim Myth 2: Winter is the worst for the cold season

Swim Facts: More colds are caught in the spring and fall. Lots of viruses become dormant in the winter! #Thankful

Swim Myth 3: Swimming plus cold weather = ear infections ear 👂 

Swim Facts: Middle ear infections are caused by viruses. Swimmer’s ear is caused by other factors unrelated to the winter season. 

If you are like us you have heard or even believed some of these myths before! We are thankful for these swim facts to help us make educated decisions for our families and swim goals during the winter season ❄️ . 

If you want to brush up on your swim skills and get your little fish 🐠 ready for summer, we have classes open for enrollment now at the Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, and Stafford locations. 

Know another swim myth that needs debunking? Leave us a comment below and we may feature it in an upcoming blog! 

See you at the pool soon 👋 !