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What does progress look like?

It looks like an average of 25 graduations per week. It is the swimmer who is timid and won’t put their toes in the water. That same swimmer, who one year later, is a heat winner on their swim team. It looks like the parents who can relax with confidence on vacation instead of crossing their fingers, only to hope nothing goes wrong. Progress in the pool resembles the hard work and dedication that it takes to win championships. Consistency and frequency of practice become key players in the game of learning this life-saving skill. Progress may also look like all of the other parents that are worried your swimmer looks too young to dive in without a life jacket, but you know the truth. They jump off the diving board and swim with better form than you ever did. In actuality, even better than you dive NOW…  *Okay, that one may be a bit personal  😂

Here’s the bottom line. I’ve seen this happen over and over for almost 12 years now. At Little Fish, we care about progress on a whole ‘nother level. It feels good to be a part of these “little fish,” accomplishing goals and becoming independent, safe and strong swimmers. It feels even better when it’s your own.

See you at the pool soon.