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We have been blown 🤩 away by the number of kids passing their level in swim lessons both in Fredericksburg and Stafford. Summer time  is one of the best times to get efficient in the water. Since school is out our swimmers can come every day Monday – Friday for our swim camps and get their swim lessons in a fun environment. There are a couple of factors to why we see so many passes during our swim camps in the summer: 



Anything that you practice every day for two weeks, you are going to get exponentially better at. That goes for swim lessons as well. We see our little fish 🐠 turn into big sharks 🦈 every day. Some come with fear or hesitation about even getting their feet wet, but before long that all changes. Skepticism turns to smiles and fun with their swim coach supporting them along the way. 



The other thing that contributes to the success of our swimmers in the pool is sticking with it! We have our swim camps set up so that we do a new camp every two weeks, but a lot of swimmers choose to sign up for all of them throughout the summer. As a result, their consistency in the water turns into comfort in the water which then transforms into confidence in the water. When you have a confident swimmer in a swim lesson, that makes learning to swim 🏊‍♂️ so much quicker and easier. 


We love what we do. Every day we get to see swimmers accomplish their goals in the pool, and this summer is no different. If you want to level up your swimmer in the pool, visit us at and find a class that works with your schedule. 


See you at the pool soon!