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If you are like us, you have set your new year’s resolutions and are working hard toward your  goals already. Lucky for us, our swim goals include both physical fitness and life-saving skills.  Learning to swim is a great idea year-round, but we are keeping it in our regular workout 🏋️‍♀️ routine this year. Like any other workout plan, it can sometimes be hard to stay motivated to  remain consistent and see it through. That is why we have come up with a few pointers to help  you accomplish all of your swimming goals this year. 

  1. Crushing goals should be fun!

Having fun while working towards our goals is a sure way to success. This is why we include songs and games in our lessons each week. That way, our swimmers can start and end their  swim lessons with a smile on their faces 😊. It also helps us stay motivated! 

  1. Create a Schedule and Make it a Daily Routine

If it’s not on the calendar 📆, it won’t get done. We have to be intentional when we talk about  goals. Time won’t just fall into our laps. Make a plan and stick to it. Thankfully, when you sign  up for a swim lesson, it is your time until you need to make a change. Scheduling it like this  makes it easy to work other things around our goals. 

  1. Write it Down

Writing ✍️ our goals down helps us to internalize and solidify them in our heads. We are more  likely to remember it, which is already a victory in itself! A daily reminder on the mirror with dry erase or on a piece of paper on the fridge could play a huge motivational factor. 

  1. Swimming with Friends

You are not alone! Grab your best buds and conquer your swimming goals together this new  year! Also, don’t forget that if you refer a friend to swim at Little Fish, you get $20 off your next  month, and your best friend gets $20 off their first. That is a Win/Win 💰! 

  1. Treat yourself

Celebrate your small victories along the way! Consistent practice yields improvement each day  toward your goal. Make sure to treat yourself as an encouragement. Maybe stop at your  favorite place to have dinner after your swim lessons on the way home. We think your victories  are fantastic and should be celebrated 🎉! 

  1. Flexibility wins

This is important to remember this year! We all know to expect the unexpected. Don’t worry  when life gets crazy and you can’t do your practice. We have flexible make up options for you to choose from to still get that work in. We want you to succeed 👍! 

We know you can rock those goals during this year. We believe in you, and we are here for you  every step of the way. What other ways have you found helpful in staying motivated with reaching your goals.