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At Little Fish Swimming, we have multiple levels of swimming. We have Parent and Tot for our swimmers between the ages of 6 months and 3 years, Minnows for ages 3 to 6 years old, Fish for ages 6 and up, and lastly, we have our Sharks! 

Sharks are the highest level of traditional instruction we offer. Swimmers in this level carry high expectations as they learn the ins and outs of all 4 strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly; all while Preparing for Competition.

Swim coaches in the past have left positive notes on the competitive levels of swimmers joining their team who have taken lessons with Little Fish. The reason for such positive feedback can be credited towards the training our Shark level swimmers participate in, which involves the fine tuning of crucial swimming practices such as Stroke, Technique, Endurance and Speed. On top of these basics, Shark level swimmers are also taught how to properly dive, transition through flip turns, and optimize starts to get an edge on the competition.

We often remind our patrons that swimming is not just a sport, but a lifelong skill. Once a swimmer has graduated from our highest level, Shark 5, they will have mastered all of the elements for each stroke, becoming STRONG swimmers. From then on, they may continue their learning through our Stroke and Fitness sessions or even move on to compete on a team.

This month we have a t-shirt dedicated to all of our aspiring and accomplished shark swimmers! We look forward to seeing all of the success stories shared by our swimmers as they carry their Shark skills to beaches, pools, college and beyond!