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Who doesn’t love spending time in a great park over the Summer months? Well, we sure do! We have a lot of fun with our families being outside and enjoying nature. To top it off, Fredericksburg has some beautiful parks tree 🌳 where we get to do just that. Whether you want to spend a fun afternoon with your family at a local park or take some alone time and relax there, these are our top 3 local parks we think you can enjoy this summer.

1. Alum Springs Park

Tucked away at the start of William Street, this park is a local favorite. To enter the park, you cross over a creek with flowing water. Make sure you don’t bring a low-riding vehicle, or else you might have a whole different sort of adventure. The hiking trails at the park snake around the water and have some places even deep enough to take a dip. The rock and cave-like formations during the hike almost make you forget that you are right in town. Come and relax here with your family. It’s an excellent spot for a picnic! There are grills to help usher in those great Summer vibes 🌞 . We invite you to set some time aside to visit Alum Springs Park. You will not regret it!


2. Kenmore Park
Kenmore Park is right in the heart of downtown. This space is set apart for the enjoyment of all families. Here you will find tennis courts 🎾 , pickleball courts, and a basketball court. Kenmore Park also sports great children’s play equipment and a toddler play area. Your children will have adventures to write home about as they enjoy the open space and all that is catered towards them. There is a lovely dog park 🐶 , just a stone’s throw away. And, most importantly, Freddy Donuts 🍩 is just down the street. We will neither confirm nor deny whether or not this has any bearing on our enjoyment of Kenmore Park. But it sure can for you! Just picture it now: the kiddos are running around playing, the dogs are happy, and you are free to stroll along the brick paths as you enjoy a delicious donut. Need we say more?

3. Pratt Park
Across the Rappahannock 🛶, you will find Pratt Park. Pratt Park is big. Yes, we mean huge. The grass fields seem to go on forever here. Here you will find large children’s playground areas. You will find soccer fields, tennis courts, space for ultimate frisbee, a great disc golf course, picnic pavilions with grills, and more. Honestly, what’s not to love about all that. Pratt Park can be your one-stop-shop for all things Summer! On top of how much fun you can have at Pratt Park, you will find the Rappahannock Area YMCA  that has a fantastic splash park just next door. Your family will love it at the YMCA. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning today to go and have fun at Pratt Park! These are just a few of the parks that we enjoy, but we would love to hear about your favorite ones. Let us know which ones we should add to our list of family favorites.