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I never thought about this way before, but the other evening during our lessons I noticed one of our instructors wearing a “personal training” zip up. I’ve often thought about the benefits of year rounds swimming for our swimmers at an early age. They are building confidence, developing water safety skills, and learning to be competent in and around the water. We go out of our way to make sure that students are leaning how to do the strokes with correct form from the beginning so that when they get into our upper levels, they are not hung up and already know good form. 

Watching this instructor, fine tune her swimmers strokes, hand placement, kicks rotation etc. I realized that we do offer personal training. Crafting these skills at the upper fish and shark level requires a higher level of expectation, skill and practice and the coach has to provide specific feedback catered to that swimmers needs. Much like a personal trainer would help you highlight a specific muscle area to focus on or train, our coaches have to pin point what drills are needed for forward progress in each area in order for a swimmer to advance. 

Overall, I am proud of our coaches and our swimmer for working hard and diligently toward their goals each week and want to encourage anyone who has not yet begin to work toward their goals to dive in today! With consistency we can work together to accomplish your goals in the pool!