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We love ❤️ what we do! Aside from being a great sport with tremendous physical benefits, swimming also teaches us about life. We can glean much if we put our minds to it. We fully believe that swimming is a microcosm of life, which is part of why we are so passionate about it. Here are different principles it teaches us.

Discipline & Self-Control

Practice, practice, practice – and practice some more. If you want to do well in any sport, you need to be disciplined and have the self-control to prioritize your goal. You cannot become a better swimmer if you are not diligently pushing forward and pushing aside distractions. It is the same in life. Whatever you are working on will not flourish and grow if you do not have the discipline to see it through. If you do not exercise self-control to say no to the distractions, then the distractions will take center stage, not your dreams.


When it feels like you have nothing left, then you need to keep on pushing and “Just keep swimming,” as Dory 🐠 said. Someone else might be a faster or better swimmer than you. They might be fitter, smarter, etc. We are too quick to disqualify ourselves when life gets complicated. However, we must keep on swimming. Life is not a race. It is a journey, and we are meant to enjoy it. Keep moving forward and endure until the very end. When it feels like you cannot go on, hear Dory in your head, “Just keep swimming!”

Setting Goals & Passing Levels

We know that to succeed in both swimming and life, we have to set clear goals. Michael Phelps did not become an Olympic Gold Medalist 🥇 overnight. He trained, set goals, endured, pushed past failures and frustrations, and kept on moving towards his dreams. Setting goals in swimming will help you achieve your dream 💫. It will enable you to pass your current level. It might not be fast, but it will come if you persist. In life, we must set goals to get to where we want to go. A lack of goals is like walking in a desert without a compass or a map. No one ever passed their levels without a clear plan. To succeed in life, we must set goals.

It is easy to see why we are so passionate about what we do. Every day we get to help families accomplish their goals in the pool. That is huge for us. But we also care about you beyond the pool. How awesome is it to do such a great sport that affects our lives beyond the water? We want to encourage everyone to “keep on swimming” when it feels like it would be easy to stop. Press on and endure! We believe in you, and we know you can do it. Set reasonable and achievable goals, and you will be amazed at what can happen 😊.