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With the implementation of the Executive Order to “Stay at Home,” we may find ourselves living a new normal: INSIDE. Whether the effects of staying inside have been weighing on you for the past few weeks or just recently kicking in, it is very important for us to take care of ourselves NOW more than ever! Being that there’s going to be a lot more time spent indoors, we owe it to ourselves to invest such time into making sure we walk out of quarantine just as healthy, if not healthier than going in. There are so many things one could do during quarantine, so where does one even begin? Let’s dive into it!

Here are the 5 BEST Things To Do When Stuck At Home!


With added protocols to stay at home, we may find ourselves in a routine that is more sedentary that our bodies are used to – burning LESS daily calories while consuming the SAME amount of food! Staying active and keeping our blood flow moving will allow our bodies the proper circulation needed to avoid any further health risks. Oh, and don’t forget to supplement that with daily stretches to maintain healthy joints! Some activities you be able to look into would be walking/running outdoors (at least 6 feet away from others), biking, playing with your dog, yoga, indoor push ups, maybe even consider a cardio workout on YouTube – the world is your oyster!

Exercising is also beneficial for your mental well being and sleep. Working from home or just being cramped inside the same house can become a recipe for stress, so moving your body and exerting some energy will help relieve the inner angst. Proven studies also have shown that exercising releases endorphins into the brain that help combat depression, while additionally tiring your body to help it fall asleep on schedule.


If you are reading this sentence, there is a significant chance you have access to the internet, a.k.a. an endless resource of LEARNING! During your regular day to day, have you ever wished you had some more time in your evenings to invest in your passions outside of work? Well, now IS THE TIME to finally dive into it! Don’t let your time go down the drain only to look back to wish you’ve done something different. That guitar you’ve always wanted to learn how to play, that book you’ve been dying to read, or even that certification you’ve been aching to add onto your skill set – THIS IS YOUR TIME!!

Of all the assets, time is the one thing you cannot earn back. It is valuable and sometimes hard to come by these days, so why not make the most of it!?


Cycling back to the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, it might also be tempting to let our day pass by scrolling on social media or by allowing ourselves another episode on our binge watch. Sometimes, we NEED to stay updated on our community online or binge watch our favorite shows, but other times, it is essential that we put those things aside in order for us to accomplish something every once in a while. This isn’t a chase after success, but a pursuit for some balance and structure within our new routines. Whether big or small, write down your goals and objectives you would like to complete by the end of the day. If there are just a couple things you need to get done, excellent, WRITE IT DOWN! By appropriately challenging ourselves, we are promoting personal productivity and growth.

Writing down your goals will help you direct the focus and flow of your daily rhythm, giving you that sense of purpose and drive needed to psychologically endure your time in isolation. We don’t need to overload our list, but just enough to celebrate ourselves and maintain our confidence. Like pitchers need to stay warmed up during the game, we should keep our minds warm when it comes time to end our quarantine! 🙂


Human beings are social creatures, we were designed to interact and socialize with one another! While quarantining and self isolation restrict us from physically meeting with others and interacting in person, there is nothing stopping us from enjoying a conversation over a little bit of distance (and coffee). Try giving a longtime friend a phone call and catch up over the weeks, even months, you’ve been apart. Communication allows us to externally process what has been stirring inside our heads ALL DAY. Even introverts need to enjoy a conversation every once in a while!

With that being said, you may also have the privilege of quarantining with a friend or family member. Often times it can be easy to pass by them without checking in as we see them everyday. If it’s been a minute, there’s not too much to lose and very much to gain by slowing down and asking each other fun or intentional questions about life and all the varying things it has to offer!


Repeat after me, REST! Though we laid down a lot of words, almost commanding you to take action, we intend ALL of the above things in moderation. After doing all of these things, you may actually feel a little bit tired or worn out – but believe us when we say it, it’s good to break a sweat! Like we need to exercise our bodies, we need to exercise our brains. Like we need to rest our bodies, we need to REST our brains!! Don’t be afraid to slow down and breathe, enjoy that morning cup of coffee in silence, away from your phone. Sit on your couch, lay on your hammock, listen to your favorite songs. Do something you know you LOVE, and do it intentionally. Block out times in your day where you can purposefully allow your mind and your body to recuperate, because after all, you DESERVE it! Most importantly, in the ream of rest, SLEEP. Sleep when you are suppose to and aim to squeeze in 8-9 hours. Though you might be busy, the least you can do is attempt to log those hours in!

Like stated before, everything in moderation!


Thanks for reading what we had to share. During this season filled with a lot of changes and unknowns, we wish you the best in your health, safety and personal endeavors. May you be filled to the fullest of your capacities and experience joy despite a few bumps on this road to come. Our thoughts, prayers and blessings go out to you and your families!